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Projector Mount is on it’s way

Better than on it’s way.  After I called to check on the status.  They just had not updated the website.  After they updated I got an email with tracking info.  Mount was shipped yesterday and is scheduled to be delievered to our house tomorrow.  I better get on pulling the cables becuase come tuesday next week I will be ready to see how the projector works.  That means I have to get cables pulled and all the other equipment setup and working in the basement.  I also need to get someting built to block the light from the one window next to the screen.  We want to put normal curtains there and that will not block 100% of the light.  Jen said to build something so I can stick it in the window when I do not want light to come in.  I am thinking about just putting foam there to see how it works and then maybe build a drywall insert out of drywall and a wood frame that I can stick in there and put a small handle on it to pull it out.  Maybe to much work.  Still have to think about what I want.  Just  a simple cloth hung in the window area would do enough.  Maybe a frame with blackout material would be a nice look also.

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