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Finished a few things last night

Well I finally was able to make some headway on the cables for the projector. I ended up trying to pull just the vga and hdmi cable. I was able to get both pulled at the sametime without to much resistance. Next I fed the fishtape back through and pulled the component. That came through without to much of an issue. Last cable was the svideo with two rca connections also. I tried to pull it and it was very tight and kept getting hung up. I ended up thinking, this cable only cost me like six bucks. I pulled out the wire cutter and snipped the end off. Hooked the cable to the fishtape and started to pull the cable. Not a problem, I was able to pull it all the way and have all of the cables up there hanging. I will have to solder the svideo cable back together and shrink wrap it. Should be as good as new. Projector is on time and should be here tuesday from tracking info. The projector mount is on truck and ready to be delievered today. I just got the bannana plug ends that I won on ebay. I was able to hook all of my cables up with those ends last night. I won 40 ends alltogether. That gave me enough to make 10 cables in all. That is enought to deck out the reciever side of things. I will probably just use the same cable but just screw down the wire for all of the speaker side of the connections. I hope to get all of that setup and working early next week.

I started on the toilet in the basement bathroom.  Set everything up and took some measurements and tried placing the toilet over the flange.  Everything lined up and looked good.  I then started drilling holes in the cement floor so I can ancor the flange into the cement.  I have 2 holes ready for the cement screws and 2 more about half way finished.  I went through two batteries getting that far.  I decided to give the drill a break and will get back on it tonight.  Hopefully I can finish up on the holes and place the flange in it’s final place.  Then test fit the base of the toilet one more time and then bolt it in and start getting the tank hooked up and working.

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