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Put a few more things together in the basement

I moved all of the stereo equipment down to the basement tonight.  Have almost all of the speakers hooked up and working.  I have one sub to finish up and have to figure out how I will place the center channel.  I watched a dts demo disk for a bit and then called it a night.

Right after work I stopped by the charter shop and picked up a cable box.  Got pretty much every channel they have.  Have it all set.  Just have to get a cable signal to it.  I hope to get that tomorrow.  Can’t wait to see how that thing can project hd on my screen.  I found out now it has a dvi output.  I will have to hook it up to the projector and see if it is any better than component.  If it is better then component then I will have to look at getting an hdmi or dvi switcher in the next few months.

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