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Have a few speakers mounted in the basement

Last night after setting up the projector on a table and playing with it for a bit and then mounting it to the ceiling and running it off the cables that go through the ceiling, I decided I needed sound.  I started on the rear speakers.  I then mounted the side speakers.  I do not like how the side speakers turned out.  I will probably remount those this evening.  I will also bring the rest of the stereo equipment down and start getting that all finalized.  Everything is ready for front left and right speakers and the 2 subs.  I still have to figure out how I want to place the center channel.  I hope to have all the audio hooked up and running tonight.  I also want to have a new cable box with HD hooked up also.  I will probably move the tv down there later this week or early next week.  I still have to decide on placement of the tv.  I am very happy with the projector so far.  I just have to tweak placement of the speakers and I will be ready to watch a move down there. Here are updated pictures taken of the basement.

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