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It has been a very long time since I have posted on the blog

Many things have been happening.  Jen and I are still here.  It has been beautiful out so we have not been spending to much time inside lately.  Still getting the occasional tv show or movie in on the big screen though.  Over the holiday weekend we bought a few items for some fun in the back yard.  Taylor loved chasing the ball as we hit it around the backyard.  Kind of made it hard sometimes to play but it was a good time short of the very hot humid weather we were dealing with.

Finally got around to doing a few things around the house.  Cleaned up and put a new screen in the sliding door in the back.  Man that thing slides smooth now.  First time I opened it, it flew open.  Does not stick at all anymore.

Last night I finally got around to moving things around in the utility room and cleaning that room up.  I still have at least another hour or so of moving stuff and then vacuming all of the floor and then putting stuff back in an organized fashion though.  Was good to get a few things moved and cleaned up though.  I can actually get to the work bench once again and halfway to the shelving unit in the corner.  I plan on getting rid of many of the boxes I have kept around and making a pile of stuff to get pictures taken of and post on ebay.  Still have the old crt projector I want to get rid of also.

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