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Wow, we had a few to many boxes in the utility room

After dinner I headed down stairs to try to make a dent on the utility room again.  I forgot how many boxes we had down there.  I spent well over an hour pulling out old boxes and breaking them down.  I broke down 4 computer case boxes.  I still have two antec boxes I am going to keep.  I have two big bundles of boxes to get recycled this week.  I have a bunch of packaging materials to throw out also.  Not sure if all of it will get put out this week.  I will see what I can fit.

I almost have everything to the point that I can start to vacumn and start to put things back and organize.  I need to think about how I am going to get that area organized.  I think I am going to put a few shelves back up and maybe build one more shelving unit.  I need to start planning what tool benches and cabinets I want to build for the workshop.

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