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Las Vegas Trip

I have uploaded a bunch of pictures. You must be logged into the gallery before you can view any of the pictures.  Please feel free to create an account if you have not already.  My way of making sure images don’t get viewed by just anybody.  Thanks.  As you can see, we took many pictures on the trip.  My camera’s memory card erased all of my pictures about the time we flew over the hoover dam so not as many from my camera.  I was able to format the card and start taking pictures after we landed in the grand canyon though.  We took pictures of things like the helicopter we flew in, to see the hoover dam and landed down in the grand canyon, to pictures inside many of the casinos, to the treasure island show or fountain show at lake bellagio or volcano show outside the front of the casinos.

We had a great time. Had a few meals that were awesome. We both agree that there is no need to go back to vegas again. We pretty much did everything we wanted to do. Not really a city we need to visit again. Plenty of other places to see before we go back.

I think the highlight of the trip for me was the helicopter ride out over the hover dam and then on to the grand canyon. That was amazing. Good thing we did the helicopter trip and not the bus trip. Found out the bus trip was well over 10 hours of travel time. Helicopter was just about 3 hours from pickup at the casino to drop off back at the casino. It was awesome.

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