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New power washer

Saturday jenny and I decided to go look at power washers. I had been thinking about getting one since we bought our first house. Well this year we finaly bought one. Got a Karcher 2500 psi model. It has a nice 5.5 hp honda engine on it and just fits next to the jeep in the back corner of the garage. Should not be a problem storing it there. Found out it was strong enough to clean cement on sunday. Used it for awhile saturday and changed the oil sunday so it should be set for a few more years now. Here you can see a picture and the specs on the one we got at sams. I originally find one I liked at Menards but looked at sams real quick and like that one better. Pretty much the same engine and what not as the one at menards that I liked but the one at sames had a black frame so I went with that instead of the yellow frame one at Menards.

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