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What a hot weekend

Finally made it out and power washed the rest of the house. It was very hot yesterday and I was out fixing how the downspout routed and was getting very hot digging so I pulled the pressure washer out and started to wash the outside of the house. Man did that water feel good. Whole house is pretty much clean now. There is one side of the house I will need to get a ladder if I want to clean the siding anymore than it is. Amazing how dirty siding can get.

I also finished up on fixing my mistake when I put the sprinkler system in. The drain to the front downspout has been extended under the sidewalk and all the way out to the middle of the front yard. Now to see how it works after the first rain. The driveway has been fixed also. Finished that up yesterday just before I stated on the downspout. That was a full days job in the heat we are having. Just have to wait to make sure there is no more erosion and then I will plan to put a little top soil down and seed in the areas I was not able to put grass back in place. I am very happy that is all back in and looking kind of normal. I will mow tonight and hopefully you can’t even tell I put a very long run of drain tube down.

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