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Hardware bundle is on it’s way back to me.

Just got off the phone with I saw the email they sent late last night giving me a tracking number. I wanted to know what they found. From what they told me over the phone this morning, they are sending me the original cpu and that is it. They are sending me a new motherboard and memory. Did not say what was up with the original motherboard or memory but I guess as long as they tested and the bundle is working that is all that matters. I will be ready for them. Hopefully I will have the new avermedia a180 card by the time this bundle gets to me. Then I can get back at setting up a mythtv box. I still have a myth backend running on my athon 1700+. No tuner in it right now though. I am debating on rebuilding that box from the ground up also. Probably will wait until the bundle gets here to make a decision. I can’t wait to get working on this project again.

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