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Getting ready for hardware return

Last night I went online and noticed that the new hardware should be delivered today.  That will be nice to get back to working on this box.  I just hope it truely was tested and is a working config now.  So I have been reading and found that you really don’t want to use some of the common filesystems for your recordings filesystem for a mythbox.  People have reported that reiserfs and ext3 are not a good idea at all for the recordings filesystem.  I did some reading and decided to go with xfs for the filesystem.  So last night I started moving all of my files off of that disk array and then tried unmounting it so I could reformat xfs.  Well it would not unmount so I rebooted.  That is where I went wrong.  Stupid me put everything in the /tmp area.  Ubuntu clears that area on startup, so when I went to look at the filesystem everything was gone.  Oh well.  I have pretty good documentation of what I did in that area so far anyway and I had about 10 or so shows in the recordings area but didn’t really need them anyway.  So I formated the 600 meg raid 5 array xfs and then started building the file structure again.  About an hour later I had everything back in place and ready for the new box.  Right now this is in a small old box in the utility room since it is a bit noisy.  I just nfs mount this filesystem from other boxes when and if they need files from it.  I am thinking that eventually the new box will be a mythth masterbackend on it’s own.  Right now I think I may make the new box a mythtv slave backend if I can make that work.  Once I have a good working config I will move everything around and have all files and what not on the new box and actually put that in the utility room (right next to where cable comes into the house).  Then I want to put a micro atx box together or maybe even a mac mini, as a mythtv frontend.  Like I said, still have plenty to play around with and I want to make this new box work the way I want it to before I start trying other frontends.

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