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Good news on the mythtv front

Just checked tracking and both the hdhomerun I ordered over the weekend and another 1 gig of ddr2 memory should be delivered today.  I will be able to get 2 gig of memory in my myth box and also get the hdhomerun updated and all setup in myth.  I am working on what I want to do for a dedicated backend.  I would like to keep everything in the backend.  Eventually would like to have the hauppauge 500mce (dual sd tuner), maybe the a180 hd card I have, I may get rid of that also, and the hdhomerun setup as two tuners also.  A total of 2 sd tuners and 2 maybe 3 hd tuners.  I may just get a cheap socket A motherboard to put my athlon 1700+xp.  Or I may just go all new and get another am2 athlon and motherboard along with a little more memory and pci-e video card.  The plan would be to get an athlon x2 64 that would be put in my frontend and then I would put the athlon 64 3500 into the backend.  That would be plenty of hardware for a myth backend and a nice frontend.  Then I could put together a very small microatx box to try on the bedroom tv.  That would make a very nice network/myth system that replaces the two sd replaytv units I have.  If I can get hd playback perfect I will be very happy with this myth project I have been wanting to do since myth .18.  Myth .20 has made it so much easier to do though.

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