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New hardware is in and working, kind of

I had two boxes waiting for me when I got home last night.  Unboxed the memory and shutdown the myth box.  Popped the new memory in and closed it back up.  Powered the box up and all 2 gig of memory registered.  That box should be very happy now.

Unboxed the hdhomerun and hooked it up.  Everything looks great.  Started the windows gui for the hdhomerun and then upgraded the firmware right away.  Started a scan and it found all the channels I had found with my a180.  Went to my mythbox and set it up and did a channel scan.  Nothing.  So the rest of the night I played around with the linux cli of the libhdhomerun utility to make sure it was operating and also with vlc in linux and it seems to be working as expected.  I guess I will have to go out and compile my own version of myth and see what that brings me.  I believe I am running .20 with fixes since the a180 is working, but I will have to try to find out why it won’t do the channel scan.

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