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Got a cheap socket A motherboard off of ebay

Well I finally found a cheap socket A motherboard on ebay. 21 bucks shipped. Just got it last night. Nothing special. Plugged in the athlon 1700xp+ and put some memory in it and powered it up. Onboard video didn’t seem to work. I put in a new agp card and it came to life. For some reason the seller did not include the case plate for the motherboard( the plate you put in the back of your case that is pretty much special for every motherboard now). Since this had integrated view it was not a standard layout really. The seller did not include a stinking battery either. Luckily the other motherboard that the bios went bad on, had the same battery so I just popped that in the new mirco atx board. Still want to figure out the onboard video. Supprised that is not working and I can’t find anywhere in bios to enable or dissable. It has been running for just about a day now. I loaded up ubuntu dapper on it and I am giving it a good workout. Not sure what I will do with it. Maybe build up a 2003 server and get rid of my other 2003 box. It is getting very old. It would be nice to make this micro atx board a myth frontend upstairs maybe. The agp card I put in it is a nvidia 6200 with svideo out. Should be enough to play back sd shows. I need to get at least 512 meg of memory for the box though. I want to have 1gig in my windows box. It is hurting with 512 right now.

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