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Remotes are on order for the mythbox

Since everything seems to be working so good with mythtv. I have finally decided what remote I want to use in the basement with the main mythtv box. I have ordered a 3 pack of the mce 2005 remotes off of amazon. I only need one and actually only want to receiver part of it. I figure I might as well get the 3 pack since I plan on putting another frontend together for the bedroom tv next. I now have an extra to play with if I need it and it really was free since the price of a 3 pack was the same as getting 2 separately. I plan on using the mce remote until the harmony 880 shows up. I have been thinking about getting a harmony remote and I really like how the 880 is setup. I almost went with the 550. I went through a setup on the 880 and it did everything I was looking for and jenny like that remote the best. I got the 3 mce remotes and the 880 for cheaper than retail on the 880 so I am happy. Still this project is getting expensive now. All because I did not want to have a monthly fee for the tivo series3. I think in the end I will be much happier and it will be cheaper than getting 2 tivo series3 units. And I can currently record 5 shows at a time. If I had 2 tivo3’s I could only record 4 shows from what I understand.

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