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Mythbox still up and kicking

Well the mythbox made it through the night without any problems.  We did not end up watching anything on it last night but it recorded a bunch of shows.  All were comm flagged this morning.  I almost have another myth slavebackend/frontend ready to go.  I will probably make it a slave tonight so I can use it to flag commercials.  More memory will be in later this week for the box.  I all honesty I probably can bring it upstairs and have it ready at the bedroom tv so when I get the mce remotes I can start using it up there.  The other linux box I have running dapper and it is a bit slow and needs more memory also.  It takes quite awhile to flag a sd program and way to long to flag a hd program.  But if it is doing nothing else, I might as well have it flag for me.

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