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It is going to be a busy night tonight

Good thing there is not much on tv tonight. I just found out that the harmony 880 was delivered today. Hopefully configuration of the remote will not take to much time. I hope to be able to control everything in the basement with this remote. From the quick run through I was able to do, it does look like I can control all of the devices I have. Now just to get it working smoothly so jen can just hit a few buttons to watch, the mythbox, replay, dvd and cable stb. The last thing I have to get working is svideo out on the nvidia card. I want that signal and analog audio to go direct to the tv so we do not have to watch sd material on the projector.

I still have 24, prison break, studio 60 and some old episodes of last years x games to watch though. Good thing the mythbox is working great. I can watch any of those shows whenever.

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