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Finally got the router from sears last night

I had gone in and purchased a crafsman router back on 1/1/07. When I ordered I knew it was not in stock. I was told it would be in on 1/16/07. Well that time came and went. I have called many times and gone in 4 times (including the first time I bought it and last night when I finally picked it up). Everytime I called or went in, they could not tell me when it will be in or where it is. This weekend when I was at the mall I asked the employee when they expect any to come in. He said he can get his hands on one on the 23rd. He told me to come back on the 23rd and it will either be in or a manager can substitute another one because it is taking to long to get this in. I called last night and waited about 15 minutes. The employee finally came back on the phone and said he saw my router and I can come pick it up. I go in and scan my receipt like I was told and the computer told me to come back, my product has been shipped and will be ready for pickup on the 16th. It is the 23rd. Minor bug in their system. So I find a warehouse guy. He takes my receipt and starts working on his computer. About 10 minutes later he comes back with the receipt and not box. Said it should be coming on thursdays truck. I tell him another person said it is there right now and I can pick up now. He again tells me it is not here, it is on the next truck. I have been told this for a week now. So I go back to my car and drive around to the tool entrace for sears and park. I go in and wait for a manager. One walks by and I tell him the story. He says that he is very sorry for my troubles and takes my receipt and walks back to the storage area again. About 15 minutes later, from the other end of the store he comes walking back. This time a box in his hand. 🙂

Sure enough, the box even has a label on it with my name. How could that employee just 20 minutes ago tell me it is on the next truck when it was there and actually had a computer label on it with my name even printed on it? Oh well, I have it in hand. I ask if I still have 90 days to return if I have problems. He returns the product and prints me a new receipt. I am good to go.

I get home and put the dust shield on it and then head down to the table saw and get everything out so I can mount it to the table saw I bought about 3 years ago. It is mounted and I run a junk piece of wood through it. Did a very nice job and with the vacumn hooked to it, I get very little dust from this setup. A bit noisy but I knew that was going to happen.

Now I can start getting my materials list ready for the work bench/storage cabinets I want to build before I start on the book shelves.

This new router has a very nice slow start. It does not jerk to a full spin like older routers. Not adjustable speed control or anyting but that is fine with me. If I need to do any special work I have a really nice plunge router to use. This router is going to be used on the table and that is it.

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