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Building a mythtv box on fedora core 6

Here are the steps I go through to build a mythtv box on fedora core 6. I have based this off of Jarod Wilson’s great guide.

  • Start of with a fc6 install from dvd.
  • Install the following items
  • Desktop Environments -> KDE (K Desktop Environment)
  • Applications -> Graphical Internet
  • Applications -> Sound and Video
  • Servers -> MySQL Database
  • Servers -> Web Server

Optionally, you might also want to add these groups:

  • Servers -> Windows File Server
  • Servers -> Network Servers -> vnc-server
  • Development -> Development Libraries
  • Development -> Development Tools
  • yum -y install switchdesk
  • switchdesk kde
  • yum -y upgrade
  • echo “export KVER=\`uname -r\`” >> /etc/profile.d/
  • mount any nfs file systems you want
  • yum remove sendmail
  • yum -y install postfix mutt mdadm iptraf dstat freenx net-snmp usbutils
  • change /etc/postfix/ to relay email to internet mail server and hostname to be valid.
  • reboot
  • turn screen saver off
  • cd /etc/yum.repos.d/
  • wget
  • wget
  • wget
  • rpm –import RPM-GPG-KEY.atrpms
  • yum remove pcsc-lite-libs
  • yum upgrade
  • yum -y install yum-plugin-kmdl
  • yum -y install nvidia-graphics9755-kmdl-$KVER
  • yum -y install nvidia-graphics9755-libs nvidia-graphics9755
  • yum -y install ivtv-firmware
  • yum -y install ivtv-kmdl-$KVER
  • yum -y install lirc-kmdl-$KVER
  • yum -y install lirc
  • cp /offline/files/lirc/lirc.modules /etc/sysconfig/modules/
  • cp /offline/files/lirc/lircd.conf /etc
  • cp /offline/files/lirc/lircrc /home/desktop/.mythtv
  • ln -s /home/desktop/.mythtv/lircrc /home/desktop/.lircrc
  • chkconfig lircd on
  • service lircd start
  • yum -y install libiec61883-utils
  • yum -y install mythtv-suite
  • yum -y install phpMyAdmin
  • yum -y install alsa-kmdl-$KVER
  • yum -y install alsa-driver
  • chkconfig mysqld on
  • service mysqld start
  • Optimize mysql /etc/my.cnf under [mysqld]
  • key_buffer = 16M
  • table_cache = 128
  • sort_buffer_size = 2M
  • myisam_sort_buffer_size = 8M
  • query_cache_size = 16M
  • change root password for mysql via phpMyAdmin
  • make changes to fstab to mount any drives you want or nfs mounts
  • put mythtv themes on the box that I want
  • make changes or copy xorg.conf file
  • either copy smartd.conf and smtpd.conf files or edit
  • chkconf smartd on
  • chkconf snmpd on
  • yum -y install lm_sensors
  • sensors-detect
  • copy phpsysinfo and then make a phpsysinfo.conf file in /etc/httpd/conf.d
  • lock down mythweb, phpMyAdmin, phpsysinfo. Great how-to on locking down mythweb.
  • edit .htaccess file in mythweb folder to update mysql settings
  • if mythweb is the only thing you want on your httpd server just put <?php header(“Location: /mythweb”); ?> into a index.php file and you should be all set
  • chkconfig httpd on
  • cp /offline/dvr/scripts/ /home/desktop/.kde/Autostart
  • make sure that all mysql.txt files including /.mythtv in the root of the box is correct.
  • reboot and box should be pretty much ready. This setup is for a slave backend
  • nano /usr/share/xsessions/mythtv.desktop
    [Desktop Entry]
    Comment=Use this session to run MythTV
  • nano /usr/local/bin/
    killall irexec
    irexec -d
    nvidia-settings -l
    mtd -d
    exec openbox
  • chmod +x /usr/local/bin/

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