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Second Mythtv box on order

Well not all of it but parts are going to start trickling in next week. Just ordered a few parts today. I normally order from newegg or mwave. This time due to prices and availablity I have gone with other vendors. I plan to order the motherboard and processor as soon as it is in stock. Parts I am going with listed below. I hope to have this micro atx box up and running in another few weeks. I will make this a dedicated frontend only box(will have a full mythtv build on it but the backend will be a slave backend for commflagging and maybe one tuner in it. Depending on how it turns out and how it looks I will probably put this box down in the basement with the projector first. Then it may end up with a lessor processor up in the bedroom or I may just leave in in the basement. I am thinking 3 to 4 servers or pc’s that are always on is more than enough for one household. I will try to get it back to 3 pc’s on at all times. I may actually have to start working on having the pc’s turn on and off during the night and day.

I will probably end up getting the motherboard and processor from mwave and then put a 512 meg ddr2 memory module in that order at the same time. I already have a 512 ddr2 memory module from them and hope that they will match just fine.


Everything has been purchased.   I ended up going with an athlon 64 x2 4600 instead of the 4200.  I also got a good deal from officemax on a sata 160 gig drive instead of getting the 320gig.  I think I have everything I need at this time. Once the motherboard and processor get here this week, I will start the build and then see what else I may want for this box.  I believe I will have enough for what I want to do with it right now.  I may end up getting a little more memory.  Just waiting to see what goes on sale or where a good deal might be.  I did find 512 meg ddr2 memory for 49 bucks at officemax.  May end up getting two of those eventually.

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