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Coax cable finally run into the attic

Over the weekend my brother-in-law came over to play some ping pong but also to help run a coax cable from the utility room up to the attic.  Took awhile to get setup and figure out the best way to run a cable.  We quickly found out that it was going to be close to impossible to run it down the wall that all of the other cables were run when the house was built.  So we moved on to how to run it outside but out of sight.  We found an easy way to run it out of the attic down a corner peice of the siding and into the same hole the cable from charter and the cat5 cable were run into the house(still have to fill the hole so rain can’t get in).  So now the cable it hooked up in the basement and I am testing to see what I can get with it and a cheap antenna I had.  It is a powered antenna but does not seem to get all channels I would have hoped.  All channels are there and coming in, just 2 of them are weak enough right now that they will probably have problems later.  I am in the process of moving the antenna around in the attic to see if I can get a better signal.  If not I may go out and get a bigger antenna from radioshack.  Probably won’t do that for a few weeks though.  I will see what I can get working with this first.

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