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Last box for awhile

Today I purchased another motherboard, processor, memory and an external usb 5.25 case. This will be the last of the computer hardware that I get. This will give me updated hardware for a pretty nice mythtv setup at home and also a bit faster box for my linux server that does a bit more than just being a myth master backend. Now to figure out if I want to put the new amd athlon 64 x2 3800 in the server or in the box I plan to put in the bedroom to replace a replay box.

Parts I purchased.

I already have 512 meg of memory so the new box will have a total of 1 gig just like the other 2 new boxes.

I will plan on moving the athlon xp 1700+ to be the 2003 box. I will get rid of all of my intel boxes after this move. I have gone a bit wild on the pc parts purchasing lately but this is it for a long time. I always do this. Get a bunch all at the same time. I need to learn how to space purchases out like this.

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