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A few parts going back to mwave

First of all I pulled the amd 64 x2 3800 out and had it working on the motherboard before I noticed the box said ada3800 no ad03800. They send me the wrong processor. They sent me the 89watt one instead of the energy efficient 65watt processor that I wanted. They are working on that, it has been a full day and no answer yet. The kingwin usb case I think was faulty. Bios in two boxes saw it and the drive. Two linux boxes gave errors when it connected, a 2000 box saw it and gave the drive to click on but nothing but errors also. A xp box did the same thing. Just going to send it back and get a refund. That thing sucked. Lesson learned. I hope they ship the replacement 3800 tomorrow. Otherwise I will call back and just rma both items and get processor somewhere else. Very dissappointing. First time I have had wrong items shipped from mwave. The external case probably just a bad unit but I don’t want to chance it. Just sending it back.

UPDATE: Guess the processor was labeled wrong in the warehouse. They are shipping me the correct processor this time. Just have to wait for the prepaid label and I can then ship back the case and processor. Glad they handled it that way they did.

UPDATE2:  Replacement 3800 energy efficient processor is in and running.  Just have to take the box to a local fedex shop and send it on its way back to mwave.  All hardware is working the way I planned now.

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