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New mythtv network is almost finished

It was a big weekend at our house as far as mythtv goes. Friday night I stayed up late and moved the currenty mythdora box out of the living room(hooked to the panasonic ae-900u) and moved the new asus motherboard and processor in. All is working on that box(2 tuners on the hdhomerun and 2 tuners on the hauppauge 500mce inside the box). Just moved that in for a short time. After I moved that in I started working on the old mythdora box. Now it has fedora core 6 with myth .21 trunk from atrpms. That box now has the amd 64 x2 4600 in it and is the master backend among other things. After getting all services up and running and configured, I moved on to the last box of the setup. The old server case with the abit motherboard and the amd 64 x2 3800. Just finished that up tonight. That I just moved up into the bedroom to try out. I hooked it up to a new Vizio vx32l that we purchased today at sams club. Seems to be doing fine. I need to do a few things still.

  1. Move hauppauge to m1box.
  2. Make m2box be a slave backend to mbox.
  3. Move m1box down to the family room
  4. Move m2box up to the bedroom
  5. Work on resolution on all boxes. Get 1024×768 going on mbox, 1024×720 on m1box and 1366×768 on m2box

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  1. Colin Dean says

    Could you by chance post or send me your xorg.conf for the machine hooked up to the VX32L?

    I’m trying to get it to work, but every modeline I’ve tried doesn’t work, and I’m pretty much out of resources (MythTV list solution won’t work, UbuntuForums solution doesn’t work).

    I’ve got my VX32L hooked up to a Radeon 7500 via RGB and DVI->HDMI. I’d rather use the DVI->HDMI, but if the only way to get it working is with RGB, that’ll suffice. I’m on Ubuntu Feisty.


  2. james says

    The Vizio will not do anything more than 480 via the two hdmi inputs for some reason. That kind of made me mad when I found that out. You will have to use rgb or component if you want to get 720p or 1080 out of your vizio. I use rgb and output the native resolution for the tv. Below is my modeline from my xorg.conf. If you want the whole thing just let me know.

    ModeLine “1360x768_60” 84.7 1360 1424 1568 1776 768 769 772 795 -hsync +vsync

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