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That was easier than I thought it would be

A few weeks ago I won a cable modem on ebay. After waiting awhile for it to ship and then not getting the power cable with the modem, I finally got the power cable today. Called charter this evening and was on hold for about 5 minutes. Gave them my info and then the new mac for the cable modem. Had to power off the cable modem and my router. Powered on the cable modem let it link up and then powered on my router. Got the same ip I had before and speed looks to be the same also. I am good to go. I will take back my charter cable modem at lunch today and I will be all set. That should remove the stupid $2.50 fee they are charging me with the new plan I have. Can’t wait to see my bill for next month. See what it is down to now. I am hoping it will be about $115 or $117 now.

UPDATE: No problem returning the modem today. Got back to work now and looks like they may have taken my current cable modem(the one I own) off the account also. Can’t get to my host at home now. Will have to call back in tonight and see what they did. Man, I thought this would be the easy part today.

UPDATE2:  Well it is not the cable modem that is down.  This sucks.  My new mythbackend is having problems it looks like.  I can get to the other boxes no problem.  No charter problems but I will have to look at what is going on with the new box tonight.

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