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It has been awhile since I have posted

Not much has changed with the new mythtv network I have been working on.  This past weekend I setup one of the slavebackends/frontend to use our cable box via firewire.  I have takend the avermedia a180 out all together.  We still have a total of 5 tuners but do not use the firewire tuner at all really.  I have also changed the boxes to commflag right away and that seems to be doing fine.  I have added a 320 gig sata drive to the frontend/slave backend that has the 500mce and is hooked via firewire to the cable box.  All recordings go to that drive now.  I have almost 600gig of disk space setup for recordings now.  The 300 gig mirrored array on the master backend and the 320 gig  drive on the slavebackend/frontend.  Eventually I probably will mirror the slavebackend also.  Just waiting for prices to drop a little more.

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