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Asus spdif connector for the ASUS M2NPV-VM

I had purchased the ASUS M2NPV-VM micro atx motherboard awhile back.  At the time I did not plan on using optical audio out from this box.  I figured I might as well get it now because I probably will not be able to find it if I ever need it in the future.  Well this ended up being harder than expected.  Even the estore from asus did not have the optical/coax module in stock.  Well I finally found a store called that had them in stock for cheap.  Got it for just under 15 dollars shipped.  Just came this week and it is the asus module I wanted.  Installed but have no use for it yet.  The part can be bought at this link.  I am not sure how long they will have it in stock though as it is very hard to find anywhere.  Only 4 bucks if you use google checkout for the first time.

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