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Updated myth to latest atrpm bleeding last night

I wanted to see if my one box would run any better with the newest version of myth in the bleeding repo from atrpms.  Well in doing so it updated the mysql schema.  I said what the heck, I will go for broke.  After about 30 minutes of uninstalling myth entirely from all 3 boxes and then enabling the bleeding repo from atrpms and then installing all packages again, I had all three boxes upgraded and rebooted.  Everything came back after a quick chkconfig mythbackend on for each box (I forgot about that and almost freaked out when myth would not startup).  Made it through about 4 shows recording last night and playing about 3 shows and deleteing each one.  Commflagg worked on the rest of the shows that were recorded so I think it was a success.  I have been watching ebay for prices of replay 5000 series boxes and they look like they are still going for 200 to 300 dollars for each box.  I have 2 5040 boxes with lifetime activation.  I am going to replace a bad drive in one of the boxes and it will be ready to go up for sale.  The second box I will probably sell in a bit also.  My myth network has pretty much replaced the old replays entirely now.  No need to keep them around anymore.

Anybody that wants a replay let me know before I put them up on ebay.  I have original boxes for both I think.  I also have a case and what not for a third box that the network port went bad in.  No lifetime on that one but still parts none the less.  I will update this post when I post on ebay.  Right now they are forsale so make me an offer.

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