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Got a bunch of things on my list completed this weekend

Started first thing Saturday morning. I was clearing out the old office so I could get it painted. Jen was helping, a little while later her sister and husband came over and helped load up our elliptical machine. Brought it over to their place and now the basement has a little more room. I need to move things around a bit but that thing did take up a bit of room. The back room or new office in the basement is full of junk right now. Between us piling some stuff from the upstairs office in there and me having a pile of stuff to take pictures to post on ebay, that room is to full right now.

I started painting the new baby’s room and about half way through we thought the paint was a bit dark. We ended up getting a lighter can of paint but in the end did not use it. We stuck with the original paint. After we got back from getting the paint we didn’t use, I started on some mulch in the front yard. Ran out (used 12 bags), headed to meijer to pick up another 14 and kept going. Had 6 bags left when Jen’s other sister and husband came over. Showered and cook a nice meal on the grill and enjoyed the late afternoon in the sun eating on the deck.

Today again got up early and got a few donuts and then went right to work on the basement. Cleaned up the utility room. I finally got around to draining the hot water heater. While I was draining and flushing the hot water heater I cleaned up the work bench and moved it to the other side of the wall it is on. I organized everything on the floor and first 2 shelves. I will work on the top two shelves some other time. I now again have some room so I can start on the shelves I want to make for the office downstairs. I am going to make a quick wood shelve to hang from the ceiling in the utility room so I can keep the small pieces of wood out of the way. I have a bunch of solid oak that is laying in the center of the utility room right now. I also have 7 or 8 pieces of plywood against the one wall. Most of the wood is for the current shelving project for the office. Left over plywood I still plan to use for a few cabinets for the utility room.

I finished up the last bags of mulch in the front yard and finished the last 2 walls in the baby room. I have a few touch up areas but the paint is almost done. Now I have to work on putting the border up.

Feel like I got a bunch done this weekend. To bad I have plenty more to do.

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