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2008 Subaru Outback

Last night we got rid of the 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee and drove home a new 2008 Subaru Outback.  A very nice ride.  Nothing special, no major options.  Just the 2.5i edition.  There were I think 3 upgrades to it from standard options.  I can’t believe how quite it is compared to the jeep.  Yes the jeep was really showing its age.  Hopefully this will keep our gas bill down just a bit and should be big enough for us.  It is a little smaller as far as what I can put in the back compared to the jeep but not much smaller.  Think it is mostly the height of the back area that may make it so we have to get things delivered instead of taking them home in the back.  It does have a roof rack so I may be able to tie things down if needed.  Probably won’t do that though.  So another payment added to the list of current monthly payments.

It was time though.  Jeep was getting up there, just over 10 years on the road and starting to show.  A few small things like license plate, interior stain treatment, outside paint protection treatment and a passengers side seat problem, just missing a snap or something that attached the seat cover on one side under the seat.  Hope they can take care of that no problem in a week or so.  Man is this engine weird.  I knew they loved their “Boxer” engine but it is so weird to see the plug wires all the way out at the wheel wells.

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