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Getting ready for Charter Telephone install this week

Drop Amp FT08100I finally took the plunge and signed up for charter telephone. Was getting sick of at&t, bill was going up and I was starting to get a hum on the line. Didn’t want to go through a repair so I am going to try charter. Wanted to do this awhile back but now it was a pretty easy decision. I think we are going to end up paying less (will be able to tell as soon as I get the first bill) plus we will have unlimited long distance. Previous we payed per minute but very cheap. Long distance bill was 2 to 5 dollars a month normally.

So in preparation of the new device for telephone I decided it was time to get the 8 port drop amp that I have been reading about. I found that they range from about $60 plus shipping to well over $100 plus shipping. It is hard to get them under 80 or 90 plus shipping. I found a place in IL that had a buy it now option for it on ebay plus I could get terminators and surge suppression from the same place with cheap shipping so I went for it. Box showed up in mail 2 days later. Went down and started taking current mess of splitters and Motorola Drop Amp out. I was thinking I would have to plug in a few terminators to a few extra ports but I was wrong. I have 7 active devices in the house already. I put a terminator on one terminal until the phone adapter shows up. I hope to mount the new drop amp to the wall just above my current shelve holding a few devices. The phone adapter I hope to mount in the same area and then all power I plan to plug into a wall mounted apc surge arrest power cord that is plugged into an apc ups. That should keep everything up and running in the event of a power outage. I have a little more cleanup to do and then I will mount everything to the wall before the telephone adapter shows up.

Hopeing in the end I will have a cheaper bill, more service and better/clearer signal from this service.

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