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Going on a week with Charter phone service

Well the tech came out last Friday.  First thing he did was clean up the cable from the pedestal to the house.  He unhooked the connection at the pedestal and put a little rubber grommet thing on it to water proof it and then closed up the pedestal.  Next he took the grounding block off the house(that was never grounded) and put a new box on the house.  Ran the two wires into it and put a new grounding block in and ran a ground wire to the rest of the common ground wires for gas, electric, phone, etc.  Labeled all wires with tags and what we had then we went inside.  Instantly cut the main line and put new ends on so the main line goes to a two way splitter and then from the splitter it goes to the phone device and the other goes to my 8 way amp.  The phone came right in and the number was ported over in about 15 minutes.  I was amazed they make the tech call in to let them know they are ready.  Then after the tech sees the adapter has it’s config and dialtone he calls back but this time on the new dialtone just installed.  They verify it is working correctly and then hang up.  The phone center ports the number and then calls back, when the call rings the house that means the number was ported correctly.  Done.  The funny thing is, we all hate outsource or overseas call centers, guess where the call center is.  Not in the US.  And the tech gets a different person for every call it sounded like.  Amazing it went so smooth.

Well it seems to be working ok.  They said I had to give the tech $30 at install time.  They would credit my account back that amount.  Guess what.  No credit.  I call in and they say I have no idea why it was never processed(yeah right, pretty sure they just do this to make an extra $30, hoping the customer forgets they should be getting a credit).  Still waiting to see that credit on the web payment system.

Next problem is I have had 3 calls that I know of that the remote party, one time my voicemail for my cell phone, other time a doctor office and last was jenny.  What happens is we at home can hear just fine, but the remote party can barly hear us and we are breaking up.  They typical voip problem of not enough upload bandwidth.  I have seen this many times with standard voip services like vonage, voicepulse, packet8 etc when I am doing to much on my internet connection.  I was told this adapter has it’s own connection back to the headend and will never see this problem.  Funny, it has happened 3 times already.  I will give them 2 weeks if I continue to see this problem I will continue to report the problem and in the end I will ask for credit back and cancel service.  Great service for price if it works.  If this happens then it is terrible service.  Time will tell.

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