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Guess who I just got a call from? Charter!!!!

They wanted me to answer a few questions about my install and service for the new phone service I just had installed. He noted that there was a trouble service call placed and wanted to talk about it. Just a few questions and then went on to ask about the nature of my problem. In the end asked from 1-10 what is my rating of their service, I asked install or phone service, he said break it up to the two I mentions. I said install 10, tech was great. Service a 3 because I am probably going to have to go back to at&t if they can’t get my phone service working the same as at&t had it. He then said I can talk to a tech and I said I really do not want to because they had me do two things before and one I was not going to do. I figure they will have me do the two things again and I refuse to pay to have someone come out to fix service that is not working. Not my fault it is not working correctly. I am positive this has nothing to do with my cable to my house or my adapter or my inside wiring. We have two main problems. First when you answer an incoming call at home you hear a short beep or sequel. Not a big deal what what is this and how do you stop it? Second and bigger problem, we at home have not heard any problms at all. It is the remote party (calling or callee, not use at home that hear the problem so we can’t log everytime it happens unless the remote party tells us). It is the good old broken up conversation that typically would happen when you go to download something or upload something on your internet connection and try to talk on the same internet connection. Well this adapter plugs directly into the coax cable and from what i was told has nothing to do with the internet qam channel on our headend at all. So why does it do this? I have no idea. Funny thing happened to me yesterday though. My wife tried to call my cell at the same time I tried to call the home number. I got the voicemail box(not our answering machine). Guess what, my recording on the voicemail system is broken up. So this was happening from the first hour of the install. I setup the voicemail box about 15 minutes after the tech left. I have to check that message again tonight to make sure it is still there. That will be the example I can give the tech when he is out. At least I can show them what is happening.

I let them know they have 2 weeks to make this service what I had with at&t or I would be switching back. I really dislike at&t and would love to stay away from them but charter is making it hard to stick with them so far.

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