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Book shelf project has been officially started

Over the weekend I made some pretty good progress on the book shelves I am making.  I am glad I am working on either making or buying jigs to perform tasks that are either difficult to repeat many times or need to be very exact.  My cross-cut jig/sled is working beautiful.  The only downside is I have to take the blade guard off every time I use it.  But I am taking that guard off more and more for special things though.  I finally got to use my dado blade set over the weekend.  I have a new blade insert that worked beautifully and the dado set did a perfect job.  I took out one thin spacer to make sure I got a nice tight fit on the joint I am making and that may have made just a bit to tight of a joint.  I am going to try sanding the edges a bit to see if that will help at all and if that does not I will have to cut the dado out just a bit more.  Just a bit more work for me, I could have just left the thin spacer in and I would be ok right now.   O well, live and learn.

I had bought a jig to drill out all of the holes for the adjustable shelf brackets.  Man that jig made drilling 16 holes in each side piece no problem at all.  They need to be exact and that would have taken a long time for layout and drilling.  But with the jig I was down in less than a half an hour and I had to drill 16 holes in 8 pieces.

I am close to assembly of the main cabinets.  I have parts for 4 full module cabinets.  Each full shelving unit will take 2 halfs to make a whole unit.  Each half contains 2 modules.  These shelves will look great in the end but there is alot of parts and cost to them.  It is a great first project so far and I hope to see some great units in the next few months.  I plan on spraying the finish on them outside and that has to happen before winter so I do have a deadline but we shall see how fast these units come together.

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