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Making a few changes to our mythtv setup

Last night I had a nice little box sitting at the front door when I got home from work. I had ordered a 500 gig sataII hard drive from newegg. I could tell that the current 3ware raid card with 2 300 gig drives mirrored was getting worked pretty hard. It was a great setup but just a bit busy at times. If we had a few things recording and we were watching a show everything was fine but when I deleted a show it took a few seconds to update and let the mythfrontend do other things. In preparation of all of the fall HD shows coming back in a bit I thought I would get things going now to make sure everything is stable before the masterbackend gets to busy. I also have plans on getting a second hdhomerun in the near future so I will be really giving the masterbackend a workout once that gets hooked up.

All mythtv related files and directories have been moved over to this new drive and all 3 systems have been updated to the new config. I will get a good back tonight and hope that this change causes no major problems and that it helps with the already busy disk subsystem. I am thinking it may be time to just get rid of the 3ware cards I have altogether and just get new sataII drives to replace.

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