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A fix to my switch problem posted before

Well after looking around locally and on ebay. I lost a few really nice switches because I did not want to go to far over 100 bucks for a switch. I ended up getting a switch that is a bit overkill for me but the price was right. When I say over kill I mean total overkill. I got a Dell 3348. Many more ports that I need at home but for $115 shipped I could not resist. I found that 16 or 24 port gig switches were just a bit above what I wanted to pay. I really wanted to get a managed switch this time. This way I can see what is going wrong at home if there are major problems. I wanted at least one gig port on the new switch. This has two so I should be set. I can plug my current 5 port gig switch into one of the two ports on the 3348. I could always get a second gig switch and plug that in to the second gig switch on the 3348. I figured when I want to get rid of the 3348 and 48 port switch will probably sell for more than an 24 port switch. I could get a 3324 for about 10 bucks cheaper. I would have loved to have found a 24 port gig switch but did not want to pay almost $200 for a unmanaged switch. The $115 I paid was a bit more than I wanted to pay already. Hopefully the new switch will be to my house by the end of the week.

UPDATE: After thinking about my current setup and what I have I really don’t need to use the small 5 port gig switch if I don’t want to.  I need to plug my mythtv master backend into one of the gig ports.  I guess I should plug the slave backend into the other gig port.  Plug both of the hdhomerun’s into a 10/100 port on the new switch (they only can do 100 meg anyway).  I have two other computers that have gig ports but don’t really need to be hooked up to a gig port.  One is a frontend and one is just a windows box.  I can plug both of those in to 100 meg ports and they should be just fine.  If I wanted to plug more devices into gig ports I could just hook the 5 port gig switch to one of the gig ports on the 3348 and that would be fine to.  I think I am going to try the new setup without the 5 port gig switch first and then add it back in if I see I need it.  Only thing I can think of is backups might go a little faster with the additional gig ports.  Probably not though.  It is time to look into setting up my master backend box to load balance between two gig ports and see what I can get going there.  Maybe setup two vlans, one for the hdhomrun and master backend and then another for the rest of the world.  I have more thinking to do.

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