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Upgrade and listings conversion went very smooth

Over the weekend I signed up for schedulesdirect and setup the 3 listings I would be needing.  I upgraded to the latest version of mythtv .21 at in the bleeding repo.  Everything seems to be running smooth.  I had to rescan all channels after I removed the old listing entries and added the new ones.  After I scanned on my qam tuner, ota tuner and cable tuner I went ahead with the first mythfilldatabase and all was good.  Everything came in just fine.  I did a little background tweaking in mythweb for the channels that I wanted to be a higher priority and then took a few channels out of the lineup on the scheduledirect website and then did a mythfilldatabase again and everything is back to normal.

First recording after the change happened last night and all was good.  Now to make it through the week without any major problems and I will be very happy.

On a side note I still have not gotten the new switch I won on ebay.  I have started the dispute with paypal and my credit card company.   Hopefully this week I will get that resolved or actually get the switch.

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