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Thinking about switching to ubuntu gutsy for my mythtv boxes

The last week I have been playing around with ubuntu gutsy. I almost have a howto finished on what to do to get mythtv working on ubuntu gutsy. I have the test box up and running at this time. It is just the base gutsy install and then I have gone through and installed all the stuff needed for mythtv. I am using the mythbuntu weekly builds for the trunk version of mythtv. Right now I have my old avermedia a180 card in the test box and it seems to be running fine. I have brought in the record table from my current master backend and all of the shows seem to be setup and ready to record on the test box. I may try setting up 1 or 2 of the tuners from my hdhomeruns to give it a workout. If the box seems to work good over the next few days I will probably rebuild from scratch to make sure my howto is complete and then pick a day to rebuild all of my myth boxes. I will be moving from fedora core 6 to ubuntu gutsy. So far the install has been very easy with gutsy.

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  1. elightbo says

    I just bought the a180 card for my mythbuntu 8.10 system and I’m wondering if I should keep it. Supposedly there is a bug with it that will cause it to not be able to scan channels. Even with a 99% signal strength the card pulls in different channels every time. At first it didn’t pull in any.

    Just wondering if you could share some of your experience as far as channel scanning.


  2. james says

    I used the a180 for testing when I first was thinking about going to digital stations ota and qam. It worked great back when I was playing around. In my current system I have two hdhomeruns (total of 4 digital tuners). I would highly recommend a hdhomerun over the a180. No driver problems and no system resources used. If you have a a180 and another card sometimes after updates or even reboots they swap around. You can use udev rules to fix that but the hdhomerun works so much better. It does the pid filtering for you so the mythbackend only has to write the data to disk. It does not have to filter out any other subchannels. If you want to use the multirecord (one digital channel can have multiple streams) then the a180 does that great. The hdhomerun can’t do that in myth yet. It should be able to, just has not been written in for support from what I understand. Hope that helps a little bit.

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