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Finally have a switch for the home network

While ago I had purchased a dell 3348 off of ebay.  It works great.  That is what I am using right now.  The only problem is, it is a little over kill for my house.  The think I hate about it most is how loud it is.  It is louder than my furnace I think.  So I started to look for something to replace it.  I found a Dell 2324.  When I got it everything looked fine.  After a day of playing around with it and trying to figure out what was up (it is not a managed switch) I finally gave up on it.  The person/store I bought from on ebay has refunded the full amount due to it not working.  After I got the full refund I set out to find something else.  I happened upon a netgear fs728ts.  It has 24 10/100 ports and 4 gig ports.  Plenty for my home and smaller than the 3348.  Just got it last night and set it up.  I had a bit of a hard time getting everything I needed to upgrade to the latest firmware but it is all upgraded now.  I will post where I found the files needed in a later post.  Hopefully it will come in handy for others that run into the same problem I did.

So it is now upgraded and all setup to be monitored with cacti on my network.  I just have to get all of the cables plugged in to it and I should be good to go.  I will put the 3348 up on ebay and hopefully make the money I spent on it and then some.  I really just want to break even.  The new netgear switch has no fans.  I am happy with it so far.  Now to see how it performs.

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