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Mythtv update

It is amazing how having a little daughter makes it very hard to work on a mythtv box.  I have been working little by little on an ubuntu box.  I think I finally have the box built and have compiled mythtv to my liking.  I still have a few things to work out before I hook it to the projector.  I hope to update my document on this soon so I can build another 2 or 3 boxes.  I think eventually I will have 3 front ends with slave backends just for comm flagging and what not and 1 master backend in the end.  Right now I will just have 2 slave backend/frontend boxes and a master backend. The frontends I will work on slowly.  Hopefully I will have all of the kinks worked out on those two and then rebuilding the master backend will go very fast.  Give me another month or so and I might have all 3 upgraded.  Then I will be looking for a very small box to build another frontend.  Any recommendations please let me know.  I am looking for pico atx or smaller that can do hd through vga or hdmi or dvi.

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