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Changing files system types

Since I am building a new system I am also trying out xfs instead of jfs.  I just changed two of my drives over to xfs yesterday.  I have one more I would like to change.  In doing this I am also going to check out and see how fragmented the drives get.  I have been doing some digging and found out how to look and defrag xfs partitions.

make sure that you have xfsdump installed and the run:
xfs_db -r /dev/[xfs partition]
at the prompt xfs_db> type in frag to view the fragmentation factor.  This may take a bit of time so let it go.  Then type in quit to exit the xfs_db util.
If your fragmentation factor is above 10% you may want to defrag your partion.
Now, to actually defrag the filesystem you need to do this
xfs_fsr -v /dev/[xfs partition]
This will take some time, just let it be.

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