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Master backend is now ubuntu hardy

After a small mistake on saturday, the main server at home is now running Ubuntu Hardy. It was a pretty easy process and fast since I had the whole mirror setup at home for almost everything I needed. Only a few small problems here and there but for the most part the box is up and happy. Still working on vmware since it is not quite supported yet. Thinking about going to virtualbox anyway. Other than that I think I have everything back to what it was on fedora core 6.

The small mistake was I forgot to unplug the main ide drive I had fc6 installed on. It was the first boot drive and ubuntu wrote to the master boot record. I really didn’t feel like digging into that to much to fix it so I just started fresh. I didn’t miss a recording with myth. Now to compile the latest .21-fixes and I will be all set for quite awhile. I have it compiled on almost all boxes already. Just have to uninstall the old version and install the new one.

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