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Finally moved the masterbackend to the new case

Today I finally had some time to move all of the hardware for my masterbackend to the new antec case I had bought awhile ago.  I thought I had lost the new 500 gig drive I just bought also.  Not sure what happened to it but everything is working fine now.  Got the replacement samsung drive this past Friday also.  In the new case I have 6 sata drives now.  1.5 TB  of space for recordings with about 1 TB free right now.  Need to think about the backup disk solution now.  It is almost full due to the Olympics.  Need to think about the configuration of that drive now.

The new case is much much quieter and also has so much more airflow.  I wonder if the other drives were getting a little hot due to how that old case was setup.  I have 3 120mm fans in the new case and 1 140mm fan.  Plenty of air movement.

If this change has no problems the next change will be to put the faster processor in this box.  If that goes smooth then I will plan on building the box with a fresh ubuntu amd64 build to take full advantage of the 4 gigs of memory.

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