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A few changes to the tv viewing habits at our house

We finally have a tv in our living room once again.  A few fridays ago I took the day off.  First thing I did was head to walmart and pick up a 42 inch Vizio.  I had put the wall mount up that week and had run network, power and coax to the wall so all cables will be hidden behind the tv.  It has worked out great.  I just got a hdmi cable in the mail friday so I can hook the cable box up to the tv via hdmi now.  I just have to pull that cable through the wall.  I am going to move a pc up from the basement to test mythtv on the new tv.  The new tv will do 1080p.  I would like to eventually build a mac mini and use that as a mythfrontend.  Not sure how soon I will do that.  Love the tv so far.

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