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Looking at getting new cell service

I am currently using a company provided phone.  Due to my job changing I am probably going to be giving this phone back and just getting my own cell phone.  At the same time my very old pda died over a year ago so I am looking at windows mobile phones.  They are not cheap, well some are not bad and others are very expensive.  You know me.  I realy like my toys.  After rebates and what not I think the phone I am going for is really not a bad deal.  That is if it does what it says it can do.  I am hoping in the next week to get the new HTC Touch Pro.  I am almost positive I will be going with sprint service.  The phone could be bought from Best Buy right now for about oh $780.  If that was the only option I am sure I would be happy with the $99 Motorola Q 9c offered by sprint right now.  It sounds like they are phasing the 9c out though.  So the Touch Pro is very new, at least to sprint.  You can order through Telesales right now.  Problem is I would have to pay shipping and activation to go that route.  It sounds like stores and the online store should have the phone on or around Nov. 2nd.  I may just wait to order that way.  I have to find out if there are going to be new rebates or anything.  Right now there the phone should go for $599.  There is a $200 instant rebate if you sign up for a dataplan service (was going to go with the simply everything plan as I should not get any extra charges using that plan) and also another $100 mailin rebate if you keep service on the phone for over 30 days.  That puts the phone at $299 after all rebates are applied.  There is currently a $50 invoice credit if you purchase the phone online.  Not a bad deal when you see what this phone can do.  I just have to see what rebates will be around and when and where the phone will be available and when and try to get the best deal.  Hopefully I will have a new phone in another week.

Update:  I may have a phone later today.  After calling sprint (they call it TeleSales) the person today said the phones will be available sunday morning, call back then.  He was very helpful.  Strange thing is the girl I talked to from Telesales yesterday said I could order yesterday.  Oh well, pretty sure I do not want to go that route anyway.  Called the local sprint store and have setup an appointment for lunch today.  They said they have phones in stock and she took my name so she is holding one for me.  $399 after instant rebates, another $100 rebate.  Said she will work on getting activation taken care of (said she could not wave activation but could take the activation cost out of the phone price) I will also ask about the other $50 credit I can get if I buy online.  So after my lunch break today I may have a new phone.

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