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New cell phone service

Well everything worked out at the sprint store yesterday. I have the new Touch Pro. After sitting and waiting for a bit and then starting the activation process. I find that someone else was using my ssn in the sprint system. After talking to fraud prevention they corrected a typo on the other account and I was able to get the new phone activated and I was out the door. The phone is pretty nice. Still learning about it. It gets a bit warm when using it. Still a bit worried about battery on it but time will tell. I have already had problems with the new account. Notice I was some lady when I called from my cell phone. That tells me it was a reused number. Well I got a call this morning for that lady. Not good. Called sprint and find out it is a reused number. I have a new number now and they tell me it has never been used before. I will find out if that is true. Hopefully not calls for other people anytime soon. Now to clean up my contacts. About 175, can get that number down I am sure. Already tried calling Jen my brother and parents by saying call persons name and it calls, that is pretty cool. Now to figure out the battery usage and if it will be enough and if I want to get a bluetooth microphone. I am happy with it so far.

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