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upgrading alsa on ubuntu

After a bunch of digging trying to get audio over hdmi on my new motherboard working, I stumbled upon a script that was created for doing exactly what I need to do. If you go to you will find very good info on this subject.  What i have done is download the script file.  Untared it and then ran it the following way.

 sudo ./ -d
 sudo ./ -c
 sudo ./ -i

Be patient each step can take some time.  After the upgrade reboot and then do an aplay -l to list all of your devices.  This is where it gets tricky.  Depending on your hardware you may have to do different things in mythtv to get audio going through hdmi.

Updated:  The day after I went through this process the script was updated.  I have updated the commands above.  Looks like this process worked on newer kernels but not older ones.  Intrepid it worked fine for me but hardy it did not.  The new script and version of alsa works perfect on hardy now.  New forum page is located at

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