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Install and configure distcc on ubuntu

Since I will be using a few atom based frontend machines for mythtv, I wanted to start using distcc to compile mythtv.  It was actually very easy to setup and start using.  Just do the following.

aptitude install distcc distcc-pump

Note: karmic has pump script problems, change line in /usr/bin/pump to

instead of

then edit a few files.

/etc/distcc/hosts needs to have a line added with the ip’s of every host(fastest to slowest) that you want to use for compiling.

/etc/default/distcc neds to have a few changes made in order for it to run and accept connections from other hosts.

Finally when you go to make your program just use a -j 8 CC=distcc

That tells make to setup 8 jobs and use distcc.  You can change the number of jobs/files depending on how many hosts/cpu’s you have.  I still have a bunch of playing to do but 8 seems to work great for me.  Now to optimize the setup for the fastest compile for mythtv.

cp /offline/archive/common/distcc/hosts /etc/distcc

cp /offline/archive/common/distcc/distcc /etc/default

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