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Nothin special

Well it is again a new week, but tuesday instead of monday. Thought I would spice it up a bit. Actually yesterday (monday) was horrible. Going through an office upgrade at work and man is it hard to take care of a terminal server a day. When you have 60 plus users and about 20 of them are effect each time you upgrade a terminal server, it makes for a long day. Oh well. Almost all fixed and running now. But office xp sure is more of a hog than the good old office 97. Have not done any work on the basement lately. Trying to figure out my coax lines and network lines right now. Got a new cable tester online and am trying to figure out what I have messed up. Think I found the problem. You would think that a simple cat5 cable would be easy to make. Well I think I have figured out every incorrect way to make a cable. After some messing around I have figured out how to make one cat5 cable be two ethernet connections. A ethernet cable actually only uses 2 pair, pins 1 and 2 and pins 3 and 6. Well I guess I messed up on a cable a long time ago and never really checked it after I made it. Come to find out this cable has been my problem the whole time. So at lunch today I went out to get more crimp on connectors since I only had one left and tonight I should be able to crimp on two new connectors with the correct pin out. After that I should have both of my replaytv 5040s on the network at full speed(100meg full duplex). And the cables will be run down into the basement instead of the good old lay it on the carpet method. Love it when cables run down the hallway or through the middle of the office. That has been bugging me for to long. Actually I hope this is the only problem I have with the lines. I think it is. So anyway. Hope to have time to do that and put up two wall sconces in the hallway in the basement. Really need to decide on a double door for the basement main room also so I can finish the rough in for that hallway wall and get ready to put up the dry wall and finish the lines for the lights also.

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