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Taylor came through

Well last night at 4:45 I took taylor in to get her stiches out. Was a pretty good trip. She didn’t mind riding in the car to much. Had her head part of the way out the window trying to figure things out. Got her stiches out with no problems and we headed home. Got home just in time to meet the fence guy. Put all the stakes in where the fence will go and found the markers for our lot so I now know where the lot markers are and what not. Think I will go out and buy some small patio stones and put those right over the markers for my 4 corners, then I can find the corners anytime I need to find them and can get rid of the ugly stakes that they left from construction. Fence should start going in tomorrow sometime. So by this weekend we will be able to just let taylor go out into the backyard. Now I have to find 2 yard lights to light up the backyard for us. That should be fun to put in.

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